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West Alabama Sand & Gravel is a worldwide supplier of aquarium gravel and decorative stone. Our gravel is considered multi-colored quartzite that we call Alabama Sunset. It is naturally round and flat, and we mine it right on-site in NW Alabama.


Alabama Sunset is offered in four different sizes, and you'll not find aggregate that is any cleaner or more size specific in the world.


At WASG, we pride ourselves in being committed to our customers. Our doors opened in 1985 with only three customers, and we've built a solid reputation in the industry over the last 30+ years because of one basic principle: honesty.

Integrity, we believe, is the foundation to maintaining a good relationship with each and every one of our customers.

WASG's commitment to our customers can be seen in the fact that after three decades, our first three accounts are still with us.


Today we are privileged to serve numerous clients worldwide.



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